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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A strong argument in favor of sand paper..

   I like a little proof of life with my pretty. Too shiny says, "store bought princess" to me. griege is one of the most visually delicious blogs I've stumbled across and it makes this point well.  
Having said that,  in the Sunday NY Times, I found something that I couldn't see "habitat" in 
no matter how I tried.   
(note:  you may have to register to read the New York times article in the above link about the "dwelling" below)

A "renovated" men's club-cum-"home".

not feelin' it.


  1. me either. a bit extreme of the shabby chic. looks cold.

  2. definitely cold.. freezing cold. In New York?! yikes..
    and what do you want to bet Mom is salivating.

  3. That isn't renovated!! That is a work in progress!

  4. I took one look at that chipping lead paint on the hall way ceiling and thought, there's no way I'm carrying a cup of coffee with me to get the mail.

  5. HAHAHA! you'd have to wear a hazmat suit until you leave the house...talk about killing the mood! any mood.


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