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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A-twitter and word pressed

cookedheads.com doesn't even have a heartbeat yet and I'm picking out colors for the nursery. I've started its twitter account. I'm learning about google analytics and I've even given it a favicon. ( that little thing that shows up in the tab on your browser)
isn't it cute? 
  Why have I done all this? Why am I doing all this? Because I'm nurturing a late onset case of AADD.  
People who do this stuff are hard core bloggers. I'm not exactly a techno-tard, but the computer science degree and the database experience aren't really helping.  I'm starting from a baseline of clueless, and having a blast. Sometimes, ignorance is freeing.  It leaves you to wallow in abandon and "amok amok" about.

You're welcome to drop by, but there's not a lot there to see yet. At this point, it looks a little bit like this place.


  1. Last week, I had twittering on my mind but can't twit with a dumbphone. My friends showed off all the fancy features of their blackberries and droids till my head was spinning! Maybe I'll get one someday-- lots of bloggers say their readerbase really increases when they start twittering.

    the blog looks good-- will you be able to move posts from here to there?

  2. well, I'm on the fence about moving it or how to move it, I guess. Blogger has the functionality to just route your old blog to the new url, but I need to do some setup first and I don't have the time right this second. I'm taking off the last two weeks of the year so I'm hoping to get it all done by then. We'll see.


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