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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Let the count down begin...

Most days, my ambition is to head in the direction of being the first great great great granny with pink jet pack and a condo in another galaxy.  That may seem a little bit lofty, but most days, I figure we went from pong and dos to a point where we've put the collective knowledge of mankind on a device the size of a phone in twenty years(4g people.. 4g), so we can probably figure out how to travel through time and space in another sixty. Most days.
Today my ambition is to go to the post office, make potato salad for 30, pack up a request from my daughter, go back to the post office, not kill anyone, do my job, wash clothes, go to the bank, figure out what to wear on a boat ( in the rain, in December, when I'm feeling like the stretchy sweats and bunny slippers are lookin' good ), not kill anyone, work up a sweat ( because whatever else is true, I feel better when I breathe hard for a few minutes a day..afterwards, anyway ), go to a party,  not kill anyone and last but not least, go back to bed....If I could figure out how to skip all the stuff between now and "back to bed", I would


  1. On a boat? In the rain? With 30 other people and potato salad? You are a better woman than I!
    Wow! Try to sip a little..medicinal wine and plz let us know how it went!
    I'm sure you'll have fun - either because the other guests were great..or you'll laugh at them!


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