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Friday, December 3, 2010

Ahead of myself or behind everyone else

If Christmas sales can start the same time 
Halloween candy is put on the shelves, 
then I can start thinking about my 2011 date book now.

Option I
Make one.
Starting small.
Something like this

With black silk knotted book mark
From Knotty Notions

Option II
Cave and buy one:


Option III
I join the 21st and start using one of these:


  1. OPTION 2, OPTION 2!
    Absolutely NOT option 3!!
    And option 1 is cool, but really? You got time for that??

  2. no time.. seriously no time... but I gotta figure out something and the only thing I always have with me is my dang phones...I just need to do thumb-ups so I can type faster.

  3. Well, I like option 1. Don't recognize the two black and silver things in option 3, but I don't think I like them.

  4. I don't much either, but it would be nice to have camera, notebook, music, secretary and phone all in one object.


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