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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

J'ai la chair de poule

This is how the universe works.  
     My sister has a blog.  We play blog the way we played Barbie when we were little, only she's nine years younger than me so we weren't playing Barbie at the same time.   We don't play blog together either, but we play blog while we watch each other play blog. Did that lose anyone but me?   
     Anyway, in her grownup life she is her wacky husband's baby-mama, and husband-mama, and otherpeoplewhowewon'tmention-mama, while I my own self am mom to children starting college filling my time being a geek, writing, and being a student (informally, of the universe, heavier homework load, lighter tuition bill than, say, law school).
   So, yes.  My sister just redecorated her blog.. Cuh.yu'.uute!   As a courtesy to us all, she left us some goodies.. I saw them first, but I'm sharing.    
Go see Velma. Decirle a la chica loca que envió.
Loving them. 
 Must have.. must leave comment... must.....be.......clever
Typing must........be............clever comment.
Want to say how deeply I am delighted. but in french.. non?  
I have to go look up how to say goose in french... (it's oie) but wait!  it's an idiom!   
Nay nay.. ( thank you john ) must look up idiom for goosebumps..   
go to google translate. ( google should rule the world.  seriously...)
find out idiom..  do happy dance
notice there's a little blue speaker down there..  *gasp
whatever can it be?
clicks button.
*elle haletait à nouveau
They pronounce it for you!

If I seem a little excited about all this it's because I was in a flat spot this morning, and this twisted my little ol' self around and pointed me in the right direction. The direction of happy dances and Rosetta stone.  
I have commented, cleverly . I have people for clever:  J'ai la chair de poule.
And for those of you that actually speak these languages, you can be my people for clever too. Google lets you offer an alternative translation for what they're throwing out there...  sharing is caring, my peeps.


  1. You are a REALLY bad speller, Tracy. And your grammar leaves something to be desired.
    It's "Just pull the chair." Although I don't know WHY you want us to rearrange our furniture.

  2. the next spell checker: Google Translate Bad English to English. It has potential on so many levels.
    Why stop there?
    Google Translate: Man to Woman
    Google Translate: Parent to child
    Google Translate: The irs to taxpayers
    etc. etc. etc. I should call someone.

  3. and was that spanish right? I gotta knoooooow

  4. si.. spanish.. on the photo label. Are you reading these or just saying you're reading them? because if you're just saying you're reading them, then I am really okay with that. In fact, I recommend it.

  5. oh. i didn't see the tag on the photo.
    hey! i am reading these! i just got confus-ed.
    you are trying to say that the crazy girl sent you there?
    "Me dijo la chica loca y me envio (alli)."
    The crazy girl told me and sent me (there).

    i am still waiting for the next installment of Dragon Seals. maybe you could do your "commentating" in one font and your story in another...or say "here is the story" and "ok, that's it. i stopped"
    i keep getting confused. it hurts my brain.

  6. I'm going to do an installment a week and at this point, my plan is to put the link to the rest of it at the top, then just start in where I left off with no commentating. I think that works better. I'm going to use your suggestion for stuff I put in paraths, though. I tend to meander, which I'm still going to do, because it's just me, but it will make it easier. and as for the "are you reading these" I was just teasing you, but you know that ;)


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