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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Missin' my mojo.

Wanted:  Psychological  Rhino. Maybe.
    I've been surprised to find so many people talk about being down, or about struggling to get into a cheerful mood, or just struggling period. I'm beginning to think my own mood is a vibe I'm picking up from other people or it's a vibe I'm spreading. Call me typhoid Tracy? .
  I think I'd like to remember how to reconnect to something other than distant contemplation.   Contemplation is good. Feeling like you're behind a wall watching the world go by isn't so good.  Or is it? Is that what contemplation is? Being detached?  Attachment isn't good. It's the e-ticket to unhappy because nothing is permanent except change. That much I know.
    Is this the human condition? And if so, how do the rest of you re-connect to joy when all you care about doing is whatever needs to be done and going back to your book.  I think I miss the fire.


  1. I've had typhoid. And the blues. I'm still technically able to pass the typhoid on. If you caught my blues..you may catch my typhoid.

    I will try to remember to wash my hands after I use the powder room and before I serve you food. Sometimes. Don't eat my food then.
    And I will try to be more upbeat before I blog. Sometimes. Don't read my blog then.

    Love you.

  2. It wasn't even you. In fact, when I read your blog entry, the reason I commented the way I did was because I was in the very middle of the same feeling. But I blogged about it because EVERYONE I've been talking to lately has been expressing the same feeling.. they're all sort of "meh".. It was just weird.
    And I love you too, and thus will not stop reading your blog and quite frankly, i think i'd eat a hot dog from your unwashed hand if it was important to you. I hope it never becomes important to you.

  3. Well, as of right now, like this moment, that is not important to me. But I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    I wonder what it is? The weather or the season? This is my least favorite time of year.

  4. I have to say, I'm really glad it's not presently important. If that changes, let me know.
    As to the why. Gurl, if I knew that I'd fix it. It just keeps going on and on. I feel like I'm on a churning coastline waiting for the boat I'm in to snag a sand barge.


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