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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Taxco Silver

My big blog plan is to have orderly fabulousness, where each day of the week is devoted to something that I need to remind me how much I have and how much I am. We're all the same where it really matters, so I also figure they're things you occasionally need to be reminded of, Churchill.
( last time I do that.. promise. from now on, it's just me and my dangling participles, modifiers and prepositions ).
I crave beauty. I can't get enough of it. Yesterday was "Somethingbeautifulonmeday" in my big plan.  The intent was to blog about something that makes me feel beautiful. There are a lot of things about myself I really like and nurture. Physical beauty has never been one of them.  I put off  yesterday's post plan by posting something silly. This is something I have to work on.
(dangle dangle).


  1. First, please don't stop linking the Churchill quote, because it's still funny and second, gorgeous.

  2. I absolutely love the caviar bracelet. what a fantastic name for a piece of jewelry.


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