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Monday, December 6, 2010

It is what it is.

I use that expression a lot. It's a verbal junk drawer. I use it when I have no clue what I'm supposed to do with a new development in my life. I use it when someone does something that I don't understand. I use it when it's gray for days on end. I use it when I feel myself getting angry about something small, like traffic, or the "battle scars" I see on my body. They are small things. All of them. Do I occasionally wish I had made better choices faster? Oh yeah. Truly
They are what they are
We are here for other people as much as they are here for us. Discount the truth of that and we all suffer. Suffering bites. Acceptance and belief that it's all here to teach us, to give to us is...well, it's not very dramatic, but there's peace, and there's deep okay.ness. Thank you.


  1. such a pretty image . . . it's getting cold here in nh and i definitely appreciate the loveliness today!

  2. It doesn't get cold, but it does get and stay grey. That little bud doesn't know it's winter and I'm very grateful it's confused.

  3. Acceptance is good but sometimes it is difficult to yield-- I know my own self gets in the way alot but age seems to help with that-- still lots to work on though.

    What a vibrant blue! You ought to post these flowers on the blue monday meme!

  4. Tell me about it. I'm doing better on yield than I used to, but trust still gives me headaches. Believing that it's all going to be okay. that there's nothing so big when you get right down to it. I tell myself these things, but the panic fires anyway. School is never out I guess.


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