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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mission accomplished.

Boxes mailed. Check.

Potato salad made. Check. Not pretty, but heartily consumed.

Clothing. Definitely Check. I shot for a comfortable Indian, Boho look. 
Taupe shantung silk skirt, long brown v-neck sweater, amber bangles
beaded thong sandals.. yes.. I regretted it, but they pleased me until I couldn't feel my toes

Party: Check Huntington Harbor Country Club, 
where I found out I need to practice using my camera at night.
This is a small piece of a large harbor filled with lights..  Everywhere.
They're still pretty, if a completely out of focus.


  1. Wow! Love the sandals and the amber, and the potato salad is a go, and the lights are fantastic!

  2. It was amazing to see. Crazy how much electricity was flowing into that place.

  3. Color all over the place, even in the potato salad and I know it was good. And may I say, pretty feet.


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