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Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010: To honor in large groups.

      How many people really read CookedHeads? Who knows. I know my family does, but my family is one of the good ones. Everyone stands on the sidelines to cheer for each other's ambitions, big or small.
      Being a hard core professional geek, I know from experience how valuable performance statistics and analysis can be in nurturing a project but I won't use them here because the few times I have, I began to obsess about how to get you to give me something.  Yes, I want "followers". No that's not the point. In fact, it's the antithesis of what I intend.
     I love this little bit of cyber space. It consistently reminds me that I have everything I need. When I write each post, I try to imagine what would amuse you and how can I give you something. I already have plenty. This year in particular has given me personally so much to celebrate, even though "celebrate" is not a "me personally" word.
     It comes from the Latin word that basically means "to honor in large groups" so I guess I lied. I do want a small something from you.  I want to know what you honor in large groups because I want to be part of your large group. I want us to celebrate your life together. If this seems vague, it's intentionally so. If it seems weird, it probably is. I definitely am.
    Only you know what you honor in large groups.   Stop and think deeply, for you, not for me.  What have you been given that moves you to celebrate at the close of this year?
all y'all

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