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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tomayto Tomahto, Quince Persimmon

Not flowers
    I see lovely weird fruit and buy it, planning to eat it, then allowing it to sit in a bowl until it rots because I am totally clueless as to what to do with it.  Over time, I've developed a fruit as floral arrangement attitude and I just toss it when it is no longer attractive to me ( read: safe to eat ) and has become very attractive for the likes of powdery blue green mold and fruit flies of questionable parentage. I have vowed not to do this. But I make it hard on myself.
      This is beyond your typical good ol' American fruit bowl stand-by apple, orange, pear, banana kind of stuff..  This is dragon fruit and star fruit.  And quince! Yes quince.  So pretty and bright and orange! This is what confusion looks like. Come to find out those are persimmons. But I'm sure all you smart people know that.
Not quince
     By the time they were ripe, I think they were ripe, I was rushing around trying to find out what to do with them, because of course you can't make quince paste to eat with your luscious manchego cheese and thin slices of toasted sourdough bread if all you've got in your glass bowl are persimmons.
     I began, as I always do, with notions of culinary grandeur that involved the crushing of whole spices, the long gentle simmering of dried fruits and herbaceous bits, even laboriously mashing and stewing, stirring and straining.  Yes! I will make a chemistry miracle in a loaf pan! I will make persimmon bread! It's James Beard designed, David Lebovitz approved.  How could I not?

   Then I ate one while I was looking at the recipe.   The recipe calls for four, and I only had three. I may as well eat one to see what it tastes like since I'm going to have to buy another or half the recipe  anyway. Right?
Not bad

I peeled another and ate it too..
It's just as easy to buy two as it is to buy one,
 I cut some thin slivers off the last one,
put it on a piece of tomato jam slathered seitan, 
 slapped it all into a hollowed out piece of toasted ciabatta, and
ate it.
Persimmon problem put to pasture...

Better living through chemicals.  Loaf pan need not be applied.
Not James Beard's Bread


  1. FABU
    Love the colors! Gurrrrl, you make me think things...

  2. hahahaha! ditto.. it's just baaa.aaad how we are.


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