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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday times..

   Sunday is newspaper day at my house. We read it with our good coffee and our good but bad for us pastries.  He has his favorite sections. I have mine.  We fight over some of them, but only playfully and since he's such a good sport to schlep up the hill for the LA Times, I let him have the entertainment section so he can do the crossword puzzle until he gets tired of it.
Paper News & an Almond Bun
         We subscribed for a while, but so many of the papers sat unread until the dead trees said mean things to me like, "If you're not going to read this then why did you kill us?"  Sunday is enough.  Every other day of the week, I read the newspaper like a growing number of people do, online. It's a little bit sad.  Good thing I have a caffeinated sugar rush to off set it all.

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