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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Put a drain in the floor and we're in business.

Cheez&crackers, some of the stuff I do is so meaningless. I aspire to be at one with my fellow man and sit around the sustainable non-carbon emitting fire to sing kumbaya with all y'all, but stick me in the Ikea if I don't like some really shallow shine-o-la from time to time.  Beautiful shallow shine-o-la, well made shallow shine-o-la, expensive shallow shine-o-la, but shallow shine-o-la non-the-less
I give you, the clean kitchen.
by allmilmoe

I am smacking the greedy 7 year old who's looking at this, but this is a clean kitchen.     I wonder if, behind all that sleek I.talianness is six stacks of dirty dishes, coffee grounds, sticky hand prints and lumpy bits of kitchen machinery with CORDS? ( sorry.. i'm over it.)
     My sweet boy penguin brings me rocks with cords attached to them, and they do things in the kitchen.  I made that happen. I don't remember how, but I must have smiled too much at an ice shaver and not enough at an attempt at girly gifty goodness.  Aaaanyhoover, I want to hide all those cords.  This could work.

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