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Friday, September 10, 2010

Row, row, row

your BOOOOOOAAAAAAAT gently down the streeeeeeeeaam - and GO!

Hey, all y'all! My fave sis in the whole word invited me to be part of her smarty word blog. I (suckin' teeth) don't use them big words, but I'ma do muh best. I gots muh dic-shee-nary right a-here, and we gonna write some stuff.
And what the hey diddle diddle is a fugue? Hold UP. Ahhhh, got it. Geegle'd it. Grassy-ass. Whew...thought it was a mala palabra.

Ummm, yes. Soooo...ahem...what were we talking about?


  1. yes, our parents are related....y'all

  2. Lost me for a second there-- Now I get it. You know I'm a fan of multi-perspective blogs so I bet this will be very interesting-- not that it wasn't already interesting-- but now it will just be doubly interesting!

    Leslie: I know you must be a bookworm-- If you ever want to blog books/reading with us at Mrs. BG, you are more than welcome. Just let me know! Actually, you better just say yes-- your whole family is blogging at Mrs. BG---you can't be the 'odd girl out'!!!

    Tracy: I loved the pink but this new layout looks great too!

  3. @Lesa, thank you. If I ever get another chance to actually read a book again....I've been re-reading books because I am worried library books will not be returned in good condition!
    @Tracy, awwww, you so WRONG! Ok, ok, I will TRY not to embarrass you!

  4. We like rereads at Mrs. BG or any reading related musing-- doesn't have to be book specific-- no pressure and I will try not to hound you (I'm not as relentless as some folks say I am)---but you do have an open invitation.


  5. Ok, Ms. Lesa, I would love to contribute.
    But I must warn you, I have 3 kids ages 2-9. So I am not able to make 'em all spiffy with those fantabulous photos, etc., that everyone else has. At least right now! And I may not be too regular!
    Thank you for the invite! Although, I will still always be the "odd girl"!

  6. Lesa, I'm playing with various versions of pretty. I'll settle soon and I'm sort of thinking I like the pink too...

  7. Leslie, embarrass me? please.. this is the woman who trailed the tp out her drawers all the way to the front row and sadly that was only one of my many shining moments. embarrass me.. phhht. gimme your best shot

  8. Ok, Missy, you've inspired me. At least YOU have not been sitting in front of people (that you know and WILL see again) and after several weird pitying looks from others, realize that you have been drooling down your shirt for the last 5 minutes.
    No amount of 'splainin' and unnastandin' can ever remove THAT embarrassment from my brain...

  9. heh.. good times...good times... By jove I think she's got it.


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