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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reluctant hostess

I'm having a small dinner party tonight.  There was a time in my life when I was all about the art of the meal.
I'm over that in such a large way I had every intention of going to the store and picking up all pre-made ingredients.   The universe is messing with me.   Nothing my local market usually had pre-made was pre-made.
I'm stuck cooking.  It's 5:00pm.  I'm supposed to be skewering bacon wrapped scallops, making pretty little antipasto platters, sweeping floors and getting into a party mood.
Instead I'm here, posting this:

It just makes me feel so much better than stirring...and btw,  Beaver Meadow Farms will sell you this wool as well as your very own alpaca so you can watch your own wool grow.   


  1. Surely you live in an area cosmopolitan enough to have something delivered? Love the wool, btw. What's it for?

  2. That header photo... Is it yours, or someone else s'? Cause some of that china and crystal looks familiar.It's just a beautiful shot.

  3. Delivery: I do, but it was a business thing and too last minute to get it delivered by someone that would do it well. Pizza wasn't an option. The wool is for making me smile. At that moment I really needed the "pretty". I am going to take your advice about really nice wool for my first couple pot holders, or lumpy drunk scarves but haven't had time to get to the knit shop yet.

  4. The shot is mine. I wanted to start an event planning business a couple years ago and did some portfolio shots. You'll see Musser's lusters and silver,and my mom's china in the shot.

  5. You have flair, girl. Most of us in the family do...

  6. Since you said it, it's not bragging to say, it's true. We do!


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