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Saturday, September 11, 2010

I wanna be Paula Deen's skinny daughter, but

I have my own mother that I like very much and after having crunched the numbers, it's not age appropriate. Beside I'm not woman enough for the amount of sex she's throwin' out there.  That woman isn't foolin' me one bit with that Granny thing she's got going.  Seriously, watch her work a room of men with those just this side of wicked sugar blue eyes. I do much better at back up and stammer than I do sugar-wicked facial expressions, but I do know when something is just good.  This is just good.

My pretend lawyer makes me do this:
  I don't measure precisely unless I'm baking. My pretend company has pretend people for that.   I'm more what you'd call an idea woman, but this is a proportion to taste preference thing.  Alter ratios depending on your preference.

Tex-Mex Trifle
  • 1/2 cup non-fat vegetarian lime and green chili flavored refried beans, heated
  • 1/4 rice cooked, hot
  • Trader Joes Fire Roasted Tomatoes with Diced Green chilies *see note
  • a couple jalapeno pepper slices to taste
  • diced green onion
  • a couple dollops of non-fat greek yogurt.  ( I'm telling you people. It makes a difference )
Layer in a single serving dish and use steamed corn tortillas if you'd like but it doesn't need them.  

*note: If you can get trader joe, fire roasted tomatoes with diced chilis and some greek yogurt, you have 
lunch.  Think, gazpacho minus the chopping, unless you can't stand the wrongness of cucumberless gazpacho, then go forth and ....well, add them. If you can't get that level of yummy in a can from the diced tomatoes you're already buying, then start searching or use your favorite salsa, or move to one of the places listed on this page

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