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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hobbit+SecondBreakfast=!(leftovers4(dinner)) :|

Miso Eggplant, Cabbage with Chilies, Orange TVP "chicken",
Vegetable and Seaweed Tofu soup
If you've read anything by Tolkien, you'll know about second breakfast.    This is what it looks like when the hobbit in question  is 6'10".  First breakfast was a large bowl of cheerios and bananas two hours earlier.

Project Veg the man, on track, on schedule and on ward. The same can't be said for tonight's projected dinner, but perhaps all that means is a Rumi inspired curry is in order.


  1. Have you married a 6'10" vegetarian? Where do you find them? There can't be many around.

  2. He didn't vegetarian until after he 6'10"d. In fact, he didn't vegetarian until a few days ago... he announced he wanted to try it because he read it helped a good golfer with a bad case of arthritis.
    It's a work in progress and it may not be permanent


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