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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saver or hoarder?

The line is so blurred.   I come from a family of both.  My mother rarely got out the good china.  My grandmother rarely got out the good silver and I confess to saving some beautiful bookmarks for some day in the distant future when I intend to have them framed.  That way I can never use them!  How brilliant is that?
It's not.    Last night's little do didn't have me breaking out the good stuff until I ran out of flutes and began to
pour sparkling wine into Russian cut glass tumblers from the late 19th century that were given to me by my mother, who never used them and got them from her mother, who never used them.  I'm using them and I also know where I'm going to find my Emma bookmark,  For the record, this is leaded crystal and probably not a long term solution for drinking any sort of beverage on a regular basis.  In the end, lead didn't do much for the Romans.   My pretend lawyers made me say that.


  1. what did you pour in there... michelob? that sounds like our family- your other annoying brother

  2. not beer...this time... I'll do that later. Consider me inspired...


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