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Friday, September 17, 2010

Merengues, Palmeritas, y Bombas de Crema! Oh, My!

I went to Argentina today. To a little pastry shop. I had empanadas de espinaca, and empanadas de humita (maiz). For dessert una palmera. I actually brought another one home to eat, in about 5 minutes, with mi cafecito.

I love to sit in this shop and hear the "jh jh jh"s of the Argentine patrons. Screaming at each other is their "inside voice".

It's overwhelming to walk in a see all the pastries and goodies. Please forgive the photos. I was hungry and didn't want to spend too much looking at the food!

Mi palmerita es deliciosa. The way it should be made - crunchy from the sugar and the crisp cookie. Buttery flavor mixing with the carmelized sugar, light and airy. Mmmmm...


  1. Actually, I took the first few on my phone. The trays of merengues are fantastic to see.

  2. "inside voice" hilarious and the phone pictures came out really well. I was surprised they were from a cell phone

  3. the merengues are really beautiful. We should go there when I'm in town.


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