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Friday, September 17, 2010

Small steps

First,  I am very glad that my sister is playing blog with me.  Just had to get that off my chest.  yay
And now for the excuses. I had a long list of things to get and do and cook last night so we could be all vegetarian and powerful and stuff, but work happened and that went out with the egg shells and coffee grounds, or it would have if I had room for (read: wanted) a compost heap on my patio.  Instead, I stuck with what I know works.  Farm dinner, modified so there's less, to the point of no, animal, without sacrificing flavor.    Emeril and I are going to work on the beans to get them to a place both PETAs can agree on and in the meantime, as a shout out to my home away from home, I thought you might like a recipe for San Francisco Polenta Bread .  It comes from the back of this:

Now, personally? I thought that looked suspiciously like a recipe for cornbread, though there are parts of the south where adding eggs and or flour to cornbread will get you called a Yankee, and where adding sugar will get you called a Yankee before you're shot.

In the days to come, among other things, I will begin looking for good, "us" type vegetarian foods, which won't have 800 ingredients you can only get in  Hong Kong or the Indonesia market in Inglewood, because while I have nothing against Inglewood, I have a whole lot against a recipe with 800 ingredients.  I will begin to make vegetable stock this weekend.  I will dig out my old recipes for seitan and make some of that as well as post about it, for my sister, the anti-stove vegetarian, aka smart woman, who has asked me repeatedly about "wheat meat."  But for now, beans and cornbread, excuse me, beans and San Francisco Polenta Bread, are all that separate my husband and I from being vegetarians.  Hold the sugar but call me what you want. I'm using eggs and flour.


  1. Better Than Bouillon Vegetable Base and a Crockpot. Muy good. And Sister Shubert's Parker House Rolls with BUTTAH. Makes those veggies go down easier...
    And I also finished my draft on Family. So...I AM catching up!

  2. just keep playing.. amazing things are about to happen. Ones that don't involve little girls eating piggy paint and scaring their mothers.. ;) And I might try that recipe.. I'm seriously easy to please, but I want Jim to do this and it's going to mean easing him into hummus and falafel..
    His take on hummus, "I watch where I walk so I don't step in things like this."

  3. lol! yeah, no one will touch that stuff either!

    food.com, formerly known as recipezaar, has some really good recipes. i got some great recipes - fish tacos, spaghetti squash spaghetti - that even the kids eat.

    and that base (better than bouillon) is great to use in rice, soups, beans, etc. i am sure making your own is better, but in a pinch (a good pinch) that stuff is good!

  4. I'll find easy good stock, starting with that recommendation, if they have it out here. I just do not have the patience for making stock, but it makes such a difference. Umami is going to be the challenge. Dried mushrooms?


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