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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Stumbling blindly in the general direction of awake, bashing my parts into table edges and being herded by a too happy morning-person-dog on this cool gray Sunday, I thought Earl Grey would be the perfect foil, but I opened a new box of teas and decided I'd need to give it some more thought.  

There's a downside to having too many choices and too little caffeine.

While the water boiled, I straighted out a cabinet.  This was before caffeine, people, on a weekend.. A SUNDAY even. Go me go.


  1. Oh, I love an organized cabinet-- too bad they don't stay that way! I would have tried the green tea tropical first. Did you read DeLynne's tea post at Mrs. BG from last Feb? She loves Earl Grey too-- No, it was Lady Grey. And what is it with your family and blue china???? :o)

  2. hahaha re the blue china.. I did a combination of Irish and English breakfast. Tropical anything is too much for my tastebuds early in the morning. As to the blue china, I blame DeLynnes mother. True story one summer when I was a child, I went to visit them in Elgin, Texas and Deleese had this collection of cobalt blue glass in the kitchen window. When the sun hit it, I couldn't imagine anything being more beautiful and I sort of fell in love with it because of her.

  3. I had a tea day today, it's my favvvvv!

  4. mine too J. I don't know why either because I come from a long line of coffee drinkers, but tea is what does it for me too.


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