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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Proof reading: The proof

The proof:  Einstein said the most important question we can ask is whether we believe the universe is benevolent . I believe the universe is benevolent, but I also believe has a sense of humor, a British sense of humor that involves fishes to the head. When this becomes evident you need to choose whether or not you're going to suck it up and follow. It is not as easy as it might otherwise seem, because, after all, you asked for it....
At 9:12, also on Wednesday, out of the blue, my meat eating, right leaning, eat or be eaten, PETA ( as in people for the eating of tasty animals ) husband announced he like to try a vegetarian diet because of this.  I am left to conclude this is the "something wonderful."  The timing and dissonance of it makes it hard to believe otherwise.  I am trying very hard to eat better and lose weight so I'm saying thank you even though this means more work and in the short term, some real complications. Fortunately, the universe is also big on balance, so it turns out laundry can wait until the weekend because I found  three pairs of clean underwear tucked in the back of a drawer.  The vegetarian thing may not last any longer than the underwear, but that's the nature of miracles.   They're there long enough to remind you that it's all okay, even if you are in the drink and smell like a mackerel.


  1. Hi, Tracy . . .

    It's Janet from Trader Joe's. I was very pleased to meet you this morning, and talk with you about food and life. I would very much like to "do lunch" with you after I get back from France. We can share our experiences.

    Take care, and I hope to see you again before I leave.

  2. Janet, I am so very delighted you found the blog. I have found my new trader joes for sure and can't to hear all about your adventures in France and promise to keep the envy to the barest minimum.


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