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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nothing personal, but up yours, Ben, and yours too, Jerry.

Some blue mud and a long soak in a full tub saved me.  A dinner invitation saved my husband.  Tonight we will be date night and balance will be restored. I intend to be as difficult as I feel like being and I should feel bad about it, but since I’ve already given myself license in this matter, guilt seems a little hypocritical and a lot pointless.   I refuse to believe it’s “impolite” to find deep and profound value in my own opinions. 

That and the Restoration Hardware's Shore and Silver Sage paint samples I was inspired to pick up today, are every bit as good as eating or being Chunky Monkey.

P.S.  Mud and tiny cans of pretty color paint were my thing, this time.   Find the necessary "thing" every time you want to choose something else. 

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