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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I am and that's more than enough. It's everything.

I've been blogging like a crazed woman lately, ideas flooding in faster than I can record them for later use.  It's great but I feel myself losing sight of the point I want to make.
Work with me for a minute. I'm a math geek so I'll do this from time to time. Euclid, the geometry man, originally define a point as something that had no parts because it was a description of where some thing was somewhere in some place in some time.  That location was the point. A point had no parts because its purpose only existed in relationship to where the "what" was when, or as my husband, the engineer said, 
"It's an object with no dimension as opposed to a non-object with no dimension but that's pointless."  ( Hemakesmelaughinagoodway, even when I barely have a clue what he just said.) 
Asking "What is my point?"  is the same thing as asking where is my what.  Until that is answered, I will dithering with a total lack of progress in any meaningful direction because I can't go anywhere if I don't know where I currently am.  note:Lewis Carroll in general and  Jabberwocky in particular might be a pre-req for this post, and if not, it should definitely a pre-req for life ab initio.
So what is my point?
I am, beautiful.  Say it to yourself, for yourself.  More importantly, say it to yourself for how it will change the way you see everything and everyone else.   That's my point.  I am, beautiful.    
A few days ago, a person with a username iamxxxx left a comment and reminded me what my own point is.    Or at least the point of this blog is.  It's that until we as individual look within ourselves and say, "All I see is beautiful for one reason or another, even if at the time I can't see it as beautiful because I don't see its purpose and it's really pissing me off. May I throw things please?," we will do things that don't honor the reality of I am, beautiful.  We will start wars, with ourselves and others.  We will neglect the care of ourselves and our planet.    We will resent the haves thinking ourselves have nots.   That is not acceptable to me.
This blog is the comma in I am, beautiful.  It almost doesn't make sense, unless you know that my intent here is to say thank you for the boundless abundance that's all around me. It's all around all of us because it is us.    Seeing.  That's what this is about.  Not showing and telling.. seeing and telling, the beautiful.  "That is the moderation of ambition"..."and the sufficiency of contentment is an enduring and unchanging sufficiency."

We are and we have plenty.


  1. The whirling dervish photo was inspired by Rumi, but it was also inspired by Abby at http://transitionismymiddlename.blogspot.com/

  2. Funny, I just had a conversation yesterday with my teenager about haves and have nots. She put herself in the have not category, and I had to give some harsh realities about her not at all harsh reality. Disposable income is something we don't have, really, despite having more of everything than we need.

    So new shoes, not so often, plenty of shoes, yes, of course. Lovely shoes, yes, but new shoes might have to wait a while. She might whinge about not having new shoes until she sees a kid with no feet, etc.

    I said firmly that I am happy, deeply happy despite there being a chasm between my disposable income and my friends'.

    She said, but you love buying new things. You lay them on your bed and talk about them and show them to us.

    Yes, I argued, but I might enjoy it less if it happened more often. And lots and lots of things in my wardrobe (like 50 pairs of shoes)might weigh me down.

    To paraphrase a song, if you can't buy the one you love, love the ones you've got.

  3. so many "things"... boxes and boxes of them. they do weigh us down. I tell all my people, experiences.. collect experiences, not things. You'll regret less and have more.

  4. Things are much more enjoyable and appreciated if you have less of them.
    Delynne, same with us - kids don't realize ow much they have, although we don't have like many.
    When I get something actually new, I savor it.


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