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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One of these days? How about today?

Black. A lot of black.  That's what I wear, because, of course, it's so very slimming!  But seriously, how slimming can it be when you're trying to hide 70lbs? About as sliming as small patterns and vertical stripes. In other words, not nearly slimming enough which made me wonder what exactly is the point?  I couldn't see one..
I intended to wear color when I'm "thin" so I'm going to wear color as I get thin. I'm planning ahead, pulling reality from possibility.  Sounds good. Sounds wise.  Sounds all positive and fortifying. Yeah yeah, Whatever...
It's hard.  Color makes you stand out. Color keeps you from receding back into the corners of a group of people.  You can't pull off the wall flower thing while wearing a shantung silk broom stick skirt that's been dyed a brilliant shade of paprika, especially at 200lbs.   This is a work in progress. There is a pep talk involved in every entrance to whatever stage of whatever event is being held, even if it's:
The Dryer Cleaners, Act I, scene IV.
"I look like a clown."
"You look like a woman who is in a good mood."
"I'm not in a good mood."
Why not?
"Because I look like a clown."
"What if you decided you looked like a woman who was hosting a fabulous party in a villa that over looks the Altas mountains somewhere in Marrakech."
"That could work."
One of these days,  I want to walk into a board room of very powerful human being who are all patiently waiting for me.  I'll be wearing these:

With this:

I'd do it today, but the board room isn't ready for all this, just yet. Neither am I.

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