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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yee-Haw update

My "new years" post was a basic outline of "what" with no details of how or why. This was largely due to the fact that I myself had only a very general idea of how to proceed. But now, because I'm back to using this bubble of bytes to cook my own head so I myself am a dish and my life is a smorgasbord of which I gluttonously partake, I thought a little review would be in order.

Over the next few posts or so, I'll be writing about the 2011 "to do"s, about what I've learned about how they get done one and what I've learned about how they sometimes don't.  I'm starting with:

1)  Eat every meal with an imaginary French friend, the one with the body I want to have. 

Here's why this was number one:
There is still entirely too much me.
There's a little bit too much Flynn

No. It's not hideous, and no one is going to have to cut a hole in the wall to get me to the E.R., but there's still just way too much of it.  All of it.  The sentence above painted a picture of how I wanted to eat but this imaginary French woman has become a figment of my future self.  As proof that I'm only moderately insane, this figment doesn't have a name but if any of you have a suggestion, I'd love to be address her a with fewer words than "My imaginary French friend"  Until then, on a whim, as I'm typing this, I decided to call her/it, not Ima, but Emma, because, coming from Texas, and knowing too many jokes involving Hogg, Johnson and Shammgod, I don't think any one should be named Ima, even an Ima Ginery person. Ironically, "Emma" is old French for entire and universal, which is how I've begun to eat.
I quoted a friend of mine once before who said, "I don't understand people who eat with only one sense."
Only eat good butter on good bread.
Pink sea salt desirable, but only slightly necessary.
She was talking about people that were satisfied with garbage food just because the Food, Inc's of the world had loaded them with so much sugar, fat and fake food teases.    This woman, and Emma both eat with their entire bodies and they're thin.
The first of the year I began to do that and it's true, when you give yourself permission to eat anything you want, at first, you will eat a lot of crap.   Then one day, you stop.  You think,
     "I'm sick of really good macaroni and cheese with huge chunks of softening brie swimming in a sludge of three cows worth of butter fat.  And yeah yeah, there's a chocolate cake in the fridge.  Ugg.  You know, I'd really like some greens.   Ohhh.. and some really good fish, just crispy broiled on the outside and almost sushi on the inside."
You eat that.  You feel full.  The next day you feel like you've put down a cinder block and you feel like taking a walk. The day after that, you think,
Sutros at The Cliff House: Amuse bouche.. and mine was
yukon gold in a pillow of romanesco.
punctuation provided by
spring onion aeoli.
     "I'd love some Mexican food"  
But you opt for the vegetable enchiladas instead of the cheese tube with the beans-o-lard and you opt out of the chips.  By the way, good salsa, eaten shamelessly by the spoon, is. awe.some.  Yes, the waiters will stare, but by this time Emma has taught you that the staring waiters are slightly turned on by the decadence of what you're doing. And if they're not, well, they need a hug, not that they'll get one from you.  Emma's taught you that most men are not worthy of physical contact.  Even the polite kind.
Do this enough, and you'll sit in a window seat, happily sipping a glass of wine while you eat a few spoonfuls of something amazing and when you're done, you'll be more than ready for a paseo to the ocean.

post palate pleasing paseo path.


  1. I'm sorry, but I'm one of those who eats to live, not lives to eat. BUT, I will not waste a perfectly lovely piece of bread with anything but real butter.

    Luckily for me several years ago my body started to naturally need less and less dessert to achieve the same Ahhh.

    What a beautiful view you had--so romantic!

  2. Oh you horrible woman! Oh alright, I'm over it. The "ah' factor is what it's really all about and not lying to yourself about what it takes to give you any "ah". The same could be said about anything we get overly attached to in this world. There's "ah" and there's "ah, dayum."

  3. I've never seen you before! What a nice picture of you two. :) And please, anything that Emma passes your way, pass it mine, will ya? Your friends sound very wise: eating with more than just one of your senses - definitely something for me to keep in mind.

    Btw, what part of Texas are you from?

  4. That's a beautiful picture of you! You look gorgeous. Love you.

  5. And I know just what you mean about food. I have stopped worrying about the butter, but stopped buying nasty pre-packaged cookies. Hardly ever buy fries at a FF place, but will eat a baked potato with cheese and sr cream...it's about enjoying GOOD food. And it's an opportunity to enjoy a moment...why waste it?
    It's hard to retrain myself...
    But my mouth drools at the thought of grilled asparagus....mmmmm asparagus....

  6. Jeff,
    I promise, I will pass this stuff along. I haven't to this point because I wasn't sure it would stick. It's been slow, but I've lost 20lbs this way and I can honestly say it's been effortless. A FIRST in all my 47 years.

    As far as Texas is concerned. I was born in Houston and my family is all there now, but I grew up close to the Louisiana border where my family has a farm.

  7. Les,
    Now, yah know I thought it was pretty good or it never would have made it into the light of day, but it makes me smile that you liked it enough to tell me. I love you too.
    As to the food. I'm the same way. At the moment "Flynn"'s self appointed job is to bring home bulk Gar'bage food from megalomart and mine is to trick him into eating vegetables.


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