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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ticker Tape Parades in Texts...Part Two

And now the time comes the second part of this game, the awards that I give to other bloggers, and really the gift of perhaps a few blogs you didn't know were so completely clickable.  Some of them are well known, others are not, and if I added you to this list, just so you know that I know, you don't have to do anything about it but think "smile" type thoughts.    Most of these are not strictly "Style" Blogs in the sense that we now use the word, but since style comes from the same word as stylus, I feel justified in saying, well done, thank you and I have very much enjoyed.
  1. An Experiment in Poverty because I don't remember young and slightly insane being as fun to live as it is to watch.  
  2. Mrs. Baja Greenawalt's Cozy Book Nook because I have a personal bias, and it was my introduction into how a blog could transcend age demographics, the globe, and life details. It also left me with an altered idea of what "friends and family" mean.
  3. This is a Website because Keri Smith writes books like "This is Not a Book",  "How to be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum" and posts like this.  If you do not click one link on this post, click this one... all the way to the end.
  4. My Marrakesh.  C'mon people.  She has a B&B ( and that's code for "palace she's willing to share" ) in Marrakesh.   If that's not stylish I don't think there is any stylish.  I'm also quite envious of her eyebrows, though it occurs to me that's not quite normal.
  5. One Perfect Bite because, in my opinion,  she could have posted this and quit, but didn't.
  6. Vinography because when, after a traumatic weekend spent drinking alcoholic boysenberry syrup which wicked frightening people put into wine bottles, I asked Alder if there was something wrong with me. Alder told me it was time to go visit the Loire valley. How can you not love advice like that? Unfortunately I could not clear my schedule last weekend, but because of his advice I spent a lovely afternoon in a wine cellar learning about places like Pouilly-sur-Loir and  Sancerre.
  7. Zen Habits because I'm hoping if I keep reading it, I'll adopt a few, but Leo, I have to disagree with you on one point and if you want to arm wrestle over this, I'll be thoroughly confused because that won't be very zen. We are consumers. Life is consumptive.  The question isn't whether or not, it's how or how not.
  8. Views of Now, because you'll want to say you knew this bella ragazza before she took over the editorial position at Australian Vogue, and quite frankly, Ms Wintor, you'd better start watching the back of your uncomfortable chair.  ( love her by the way... ).  
  9. A Blog of Joy and Disquiet because it takes an extraordinary soul to open itself up to the rest of us and I think the people with them are the teachers of mankind.
  10. Damn Cool Pictures because I just accidentally stumbled upon them while looking at my reader and laughed even though I'm  an all dog and no cat box person.
  11. My Sparrow because I am shallow, love beauty and this lady helps me feel so very much better about being a consumer ( hoping Leo isn't looking...knows Thoreau isn't).
  12. Fancy That..Fancy This because if you're going to spend your vacation days on "The Continent", to vent your completely normal feelings about your completely precocious daughter, to even know Louboutin makes a Barbie, and to be ravishingly beautiful, you'd sure as hell better be really good with excel spreadsheets and be wicked funny.  She's both.  I should probably think about hiring her for Businessville.
  13. Tribal Times because she makes these which are so cute they make me want to borrow a baby, and as if that wasn't enough, she reminded me how much fun it was to make bubbles and taught me about yarn bombing.  Finally, a tank I can get behind.
  14. Eclectic Revisited because we completely share an aesthetic and she very rarely posts things about kitchens.  When she does, they're pretty fantastic, but I'm a woman who wants to write  "I did not want a kitchen but it came with the house" over my kitchen entry with a big fat sharpie, and hire Banksy to finish up my rough sketch.
  15. Lost in Arles, because this lady and her man could easily be to France what Pioneer Woman and the Marlborough Man is to Oklahoma. I'm sorry, but seriously, her Marlborough Man's name is Remi and he barbecues, in Arles, in France, while he sends her out to dance in places like this:


  1. Seriously, that proofreading position is still open...

  2. Thanks for including Mrs. BG and thank you so much for blogging with us! Yes, Mrs. BG has altered my idea of family/friends too!

    Can't wait to check out all of these blogs!!

  3. Holy cow! I am on the list! I raise my pastis to you Tracy and am so verrry happy to have found your funny whipsmart blog. I bet Remi will blush when I tell him that you referred to him as "Marlborough Man". In a good way.

    Well, looks like I have some discovering to do....

    Actually, it is me that is blushing. ;) Thanks!

  4. Lesa,
    How could I not? It's home! I'm just so grateful you let me play with you guys. xoxox

  5. LiP... okay, first of all, I've got to come up with a better shortcut.. Arles? Maybe?
    And yes, you truly are "on the list" I love love love finding treasures like your blog. My first reaction to getting the award was "yay! now I can show off some of my found goodies!"

  6. Thank you for including me, Tracy! You know how big a fan I am of both you and your writing, so it means the world to me that you'd find something in mine. You are SO deserving of not only this award - but countless others!

  7. Blush blush... but back at you, wild man ;)


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