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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ticker tape parades in text ...in two parts.

If I was the kind to believe that you got smacked right after you got applauded, I'd be mighty concerned at the moment because three very bright women decided I was a very bright woman.   The story of how I came in contact with all three of them as individuals all goes back to a singularly phenomenal group of women, so their considering this blog to be worthy of accolades says a lot to me.
The are, in the order I "met" them, J, from "Too Many Fish to Fry.",  C from "As Good As It Gets", and Justine from "A Half Baked Life", to which I say, show me one that ain't half baked.  That's rather my point.  All of these women are open enough to share the "beautiful mess" of their lives with anyone willing to seek in their direction.. A few evenings ago, J, and I sat in a rather grown up place talking about what lead us to start and continue to blog.  I'll let her tell you they why of her story, but mine was about accountability and truth.
I live in what is probably one of the least grounded places on the planet but I refuse to play the game, mostly because I can't. I'm not "cute enough", "thin enough", "rich enough", "young enough", "famous enough"...what are you selling? I'm not "that enough." Largely by choice.. These women, and the fifteen bloggers to whom I've passed along the award (Pt.2), are what help me remember that that particular game is impossibly rigged and that no one should ever play it.    The game I will play, now in fact, is the game of "Seven Things You May not Know."

  1. I have had my arm inside a cow up to my shoulder joint.  They make gloves for that sort of thing, and though they are long enough to do so, they are not gloves you would wear to the opera.
  2. I have been a motorcycle chick in leathers to Flynn's biker dude, in August, through the San Fernando valley when the temperature was 120F.  I then pushed the bike down a moving van ramp and broke it. For good, though not on purpose.  I don't think
  3. I pierced my own ears with a needle and two ice cubes.  The needle was sterilized.  The ice was not, but I still have both lobes.
  4. My daughter is the woman I admire most.
  5. I am not bothered by the c* word, the n* word, the f* word or any other words because I do not believe they possess any power at all.  Instead, I believe our spirits, our truest selves, are omnipotent, being made that way and thus we must be willing to go through the motion of giving words some of that all-power in order for them to hurt us.   And for the record, I think "hurt" is a check engine/reality light blinking in your bones. You're perfect.  Get it. Keep it.
  6. I am a hypochondriac who makes my internist laugh, but we're laughing together at my not exploding pancreas and my also not coronary artery disease, and my it's not a tumor.   I stop myself just short of saying , "I'll be baahk."  as I walk out of his office.  It speaks to my momentary optimism. Go me. Go.
  7. I love a good fugue. This is a good fugue.
Tomorrow, the awards.  There will be no red carpet, but  I hope your stylist is up to the task...You do have a stylist don't you???


  1. Point 6. I was going to do a whole post about that! I am a hypochondriac too! no fun. When I was 14-15 I dragged my mom to the doctor at least 2 times a month because I was CONVINCED I was having an heart attack. lol..

  2. C,
    HA! Hilarious.. wait.. that's terrible! Your heart!!?!!
    I kid. The mind is an odd thing. I simply don't listen to it any more and stick with regular checkups, eating better and getting more exercise.
    My internal organs still talk to me, but I've stopped letting them dominate the conversation.

  3. congratulations on receiving this award...so well deserved....and as always..fun reading your blog..

  4. Thank you Maureen, I gave it to you, though I know you've received it a thousand times but I did want you to know how much I have enjoyed all the beauty you throw up into the air with such abandon.

  5. Going to swirl your (Chanel) N° 5 in my noggin for awhile.

  6. Arles,
    All you need to "swirl is your own absolute perfection. After that, you're immune to everything not true, not real and not worthy of it. Promise...xo's

  7. Oh my god. Number 5 hit me too - so beautiful!

  8. I'm glad, Jeff. It's true. All we have to do is remember that it is.


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