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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Damn you Megalomart

Anthony Bourdain once wished blood and gristle to be sheared from the appendages of those who dared use good knives with dull edges.  I feel qualified to broach this subject because I've read his books, enjoyed his snark, hate dull knives and I know someone who "made out with him".  Her words, to which she added, "he's a very good kisser" though I won't name names because given all that he's selling and how long he's been selling it, I'm not thinking this is something the lady would want advertised. I also suspect those sorts of make-out sessions stories are not that unusual either. And Tony, cookedheads with all it's falling off the bone sousvide-ity  has, as one of its evil plans, to sit around a round table with you, at least 10 other people and a few bottles of something as old as we are, but I'm going with one of the things you're selling, the story that you're a hard ass and can take it, nevermind that we both know different, sweetcheeks.

The free flowing exchange of body fluids not withstanding, sweetcheeks has a point.  Sharpen your knives.

Sharpen your knives or you will cut more than the bits you intend to cut and they will most likely be your bits.    Just when I'm beginning to get Flynn to see the evil that is megalomart they begin to sell things like this. Flynn buys them and I can't be annoyed, at least not at him, at least not about this.
tomato preparedness
p.s.  a good sharpener will go a long way to compensate for inexpensive damn you megalotmart knives....


  1. It's a thrilling moment to find that Mr. has sharpened the knives for me. I would agree wholeheartedly that slicing into a tomato with a sharpened knife feels a bit like foreplay in my book. I think Anthony would agree.

  2. Alessandra,
    You nailed the feeling and don't you just know ol' Tony would? The way a man slices a tomato has a thing or two to say about him...

  3. I have entirely too much fun when I visit here. You wit is as sharp as your knives. I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary


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