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Sunday, April 10, 2011

les femmes capitalisme de conscience

The other day I mentioned that I'm going to get my wife-in-law to agree to start an international conglomerate of some sort.
I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing other than following Fun.   We don't need any more money so there's no crushing press to keep our children in milk, or the bank away from our family farms.  That's not what's driving this.  The only real reason for us to play this game is the game and the fact that we want more game tokens which is always and ever how I think of money.
    The basic ground rule, singular, is that this Fun we're following is had by all, and if it's not being had by all, we need to genuinely and constructively fix it.  Post-haste and forthwith.  This gives you have a little insight in to the first meeting of the board of directors for our little coven of capitalists.
     We sat outside on the patio, soaking up the spring sun with a bottle of eleven year old champagne, so, it wasn't like it was, you know, fresh champagne,  but we still enjoyed it.  We also enjoyed a long open exchange of truths, one of which was that wine is one place where crows feet are evidently valued, if the price is any indication.  I mean, they charge you more for middle aged wine than they do for the tarty perky little inexperienced wines in straight leg jeans and stilettos.   It's not surprising that we gave the "ding ding ding" to the mature wine because you don't get to live those extra good years without collecting all those extra good stories to tell, and anything that gets a "ding ding ding" has stories to let.

A "ding ding ding" can be defined as the feeling you get when you won, when you played a game well, when, even if no one else knows about it, you did the thing that was a challenge. Sitting on that piece of ground, we agreed, the game we wanted to play produced one thing: people who were having as much fun as we were and the "ding ding ding" was watching them walk in the door ready to tear the head off the next person they saw and walk out the door with a non-chemically induced smile and a sigh.

Whatever widgets we sell, it won't matter how many game tokens we're given for them if we don't end up with just as many "ding ding ding"s.  We're greedy capitalists after all...with a company....with a new name:  Dosage et c'est très doux.


  1. This all sounds rather fabulous...I love reading your adventures. Keep us posted on Dosage...

  2. JJ,
    I will and you'll know as soon as I know because I'm clueless and feeling very much like Alice as she's looking at all these things race by her as she falls down the rabbit hole.
    The best part of this is that I don't have any attachment to any outcome. The game IS the outcome.

  3. I love ding ding ding moments! They make you feel alive.

  4. The idea of following Fun and the idea of money as game tokens - it re-frames everything. I love it, I love it, I love it! Did you ever catch that skit with Molly Shannon on SNL? Well, I'm sitting here reading about your adventures - and I'm Helen Madden. Just as excited, just as exuberant! You are guaranteed success, Tracy. Going after the Joy: you are one wise lady!

  5. Jeff,
    I didn't, but I'm going to find it. In general, the worst that can happen is fun and I get to harvest some pretend carrots, or carats. Either way works.


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