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Friday, April 29, 2011


Statistics are none of my business.I have so gotten that lesson.  It's the same lesson I'm learning in regards to the as yet unfinished story of "All for all"     It's okay if people don't like you.  If people like you, great. If they don't. also great.   There's a little bit of rambling going on here and bless your hearts for tolerating it. I try to keep it at a minimum but 
my day can be summed up with one ugly word.  Spam.  Take your pick as to which kind I mean because not only have I literally mailed every single person on my contact list some nasty crap ( thank you statistic checking guru.. Statistics are none of my business. {502 times for emphasis }), but all my interpersonal relationships smell a little like chopped can pork at the moment.  Well, the second part isn't true, just a few of my interpersonal relationships smell, but that's likely to change if people on my contact list don't notice my DO NOT OPEN THAT notice that I didn't send because I freaked out when I realized what had happened and deleted my entire contact list ergo could not send out a DO NOT OPEN THAT email because I didn't have anyone's email address and I am a paid computer professional.   God help us all...
If you got one of those, DO NOT OPEN THAT and I am so sorry. Statistics are none of my business...


  1. I got one, but figured out pretty quickly it was spam. Sorry that happened to you...argh.

  2. The mail I got from you? It was spam? OOpps then!

  3. C,
    the email about the weddings was genuine. If you got an email with just a link in it, that was spam.

  4. JJ,
    Again, sorry about that.. There are few people I really dislike. Spammers are in that pile.

  5. I was spared of the spam :)..I get tons of such spam mails from M's ID so I can imagine.

  6. C,
    I'm really glad. Thanks for letting me know.


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