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Saturday, April 16, 2011

What had happened was....

Golf ball hates you.  I tell my husband this on a regular basis, but he does not listen.  He is a masochist and it's not just his need to play golf that tells me this.  Because I'd like to stay married to my endearing masochist, I won't give you too many details, but this is a man who we've already establish has a habit of getting up to play golf on one of his two days off while it is still quite dark. When this nonsense happens, his loving sleeping wife doesn't even grunt a goodbye  in his direction.
I haven't seen him in three days because the wife-in-law and I are in the Central Coast wine country doing some market research *cough and a team building retreat *phhhht for Businessville.  Oh alright, we're reliving Sideways minus the dump bucket swilling, the fornicating and the motorcycle helmet to the head, unless you count the day where we sat on the top of the Canary Hotel drinking ...I can't bring myself to tell you how many bottles of wine we consumed during the day, but I assure you at the end of the day, our business plan seemed like inspiration of genius and that it had the blessing of, well, Bacchus at the very least.
This morning, when I got my phone call, the one I call the golf call, too early, always, my loving husband, who knows we've been in the cups and yet still calls at 7:00am on a Saturday, is very chipper for about 30 seconds, until he says two works I won't repeat ( *I wave at my mom) and says,
"I plugged the damn ball in the bunker, I'll call you back." ... the phone went dead.  Sort of like me the past few days but I have every intention of boring you with the many and mighty details of my exploits, experiences and exercises in excesses.
For the moment, all you're getting are excuses, and I'd apologize, but we all know I'd do it all again, so it would bother my conscious to lie to you.
Excuse 1-3

Excuse 4,5

Excuse six:: A very good very bad $5.00 book 

Another excuse.  I've lost count at this point


  1. I am sooo jealous right now lol...I WANT to experience those excuses :)

  2. I don't get golf...I simply don't get it? Why wake up at the crack of dawn to push a little ball into a hole? It makes no sense to me. It isn't really exercise either? And it's expensive. There are no pros (no pun intended) the way I see it.

    The pros of toast and butter and jam and tea? Too many to list...

  3. C, come heeeeere and I'll make sure you gain ten lbs. Sadly, I'll probably gain ten in sympathy.

  4. Ameena, We might be sharing a brain. One of these days I'm going to tell the story of why I will never play golf. It's one thing to hit a ball very hard with a metal stick. The sound is phenomenal and you don't have to go to jail. Golf is another thing entirely...

  5. Honestly,I dont think much of golf as a game,except that it gives a good reason to walk distances.But then,one can always choose to do it at a beach,at no expenses.
    As doctors, we always look for solutions. You seem to be enjoying your problem.Sometimes we help our clients by joing their problems,and I am more than willing!


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