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Monday, April 25, 2011

Perfection in Abundance

  • Making peace with the fact that I have a created a Journey channel on Pandora and that it dates me beyond repair.
  • A boy that brings me flowers in the biggest, most-est, loudest, much-est colors he can find because thats how much he thinks I am.. I love a boy who thinks I'm all these colors even more than I love peonies.  He's... well.  He's a lot of boy goodness.  
  • A girl in Houston who takes my mother pale coral peonies because that's what I think my mother is and because I am not able be there to bring them to her myself to tell her and my father thank you for staying married 40 years. (I try not to proof/correct after I post, but saying thank you to my parent seems pretty important. )
  • the shift from "is this going to be weird" to "phhhht...this will be good". It came from the decision to meet an unmet friend who's always been a kindred spirit and is now a met friend who confirmed my belief that loving kindness has got to start with ourselves or we won't have any to pass along.
  • A carpet cleaner and another carpet cleaner.  seriously.  I have taupe carpet ergo I love those two men.   I'm taking this one back.  Not to whine, but cleaning is good. Cleaning and taking more water with you than you leave is better.  Oh all right. That's whining, but in this moment I'm perfectly okay with it. Does that count? 
  • a spice pantry where the ginger and the cinnamon are more likely to be used for curries than they are to be used for cookies
  • cake mix.
  • cake mix
  • sorry.. one more time, cake mix but in all honesty, a great deal of humility needs to be added for the moment to reach the level of perfection.  it's worth it. trust me. champagne helps.  everything. 
  • Bhindi made in the same iron skillet my daughter's great-grandmother used to make corn bread, inspired by an amazing woman who's remembering how amazing she is. As to the bhindi, let me quote my mother who has perennially been known to say, "look it up", but because I'm not as hard core "good mother" as my mother is, I will at least give you a couple picture of how it starts:

  • A confetti of blog awards that I will gladly accept in great detail...tomorrow, when I can do them and the incredible beauties who bestowed them upon cookedheads the justice they deserve.
  • The entire Loire Valley in a glass, on a Sunday, or at least the more easterly pieces.
All this was a result of an exercise in Perfect Moments 
brought to you, and to me


    1. I love bhindi :) ... if ever you visit India, I will treat you to some awesome home made food. Promise

    2. Now, C,
      You are going to be very sorry you said that when I show up at your house with a notebook, a camera and my absolutely mad love for all things India. ;)

    3. A wonderful collection of perfection!

      Visiting from PMM

    4. Pam,
      Thank you for saying and doing so :)

    5. Here from PMM. Wow! So many perfect moments... Good for you! Thank you for sharing. I really enjoyed them and also seeing your beautiful pictures. The flowers are especially gorgeous! I hope that you have a wonderful week with many more perfect moments.

    6. Pam and Kathy
      Thank you for taking the time to stop by cookedheads. There are so many blogs out there it means a lot that you'd not just swing in, but leave a note. *gasp! more perfect moments!

    7. I must admit I've had two IMperfect moments of envy when I read that you and JJiraffe got to meet.

      But really, that's so cool.

      Journey and the Loire Valley -- you rock, Tracy.

    8. Lavender,
      The moment you're in SoCal, we'll fix at least half of that. Either that or we'll all have to fix it together in the Bay Area.
      As to the "rock"ing part of it, sadly, it's more honest to say I classic rock. When did that happen?!

    9. Visiting from PMM. Those are all great moments. the flowers are gorgeous.

    10. So many Perfect Moments...so wonderfully captured on your blog.

      Thanks for sharing your Perfect Moments!

      Visiting from PMM.

    11. Thanks for sharing your beautiful perfect moments and all your honesty and humor. Namaste :)

    12. Beautifully written.When do you call it perfect?
      You have style and skill.That half full wine glass says a lot, like the bhindis taking all that pain in your frying pan!

    13. Dr. A.
      It's always perfect (complete). That's the point. Even when it looks like it's not what you want, it's what is necessary at that particular moment for some purpose you may not see but so much of what we complain about I doubt we will at the end of our individual stories.
      Granted that's a life philosophy I choose.

    14. To the generous spirited souls who came to cookedheads via Lavender's meme, thank you for doing so. As I often say to people who do what you did in coming here, there are so many blogs, and each second of our days are precious. I don't take for granted your moments spent at cookedheads.


    I love to know what you think, "for the Sake of Blessed Connection and Exquisite Controversy"