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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A blatant abuse of the English language.

Respect the bubble.  It's something my daughter says that makes me laugh. My daughter doesn't call her personal space a "box". Instead she calls it a bubble.   I like that analogy a lot because a bubble leaves you room to see out, allows you to merge with another bubble if you want, if it gets popped someone's getting soap in their eye and let's face it, we've been told for years now to think outside the box.
The other day, my daughter, (let's call her Scarlett. It will annoy her), came up with a new word. "Bubblenators" in reference to people who insist on putting their bits too close to your bits, who insist that they run their shopping cart into your shopping cart,  decide to drive their cars bits too close to your cars bits...usually at 90 miles an hour, etc., etc.   Defiant construction of unorthodox verbiage is clearly hereditary.  


  1. I like the term "bubblenators"...it fits...and "Scarlett" sounds as articulate as you.. :)

  2. I love my mom and i dont mind being call Scarlett my real name did come from that movie anyways so it works.

  3. maureen,
    she amazes me, quite often

  4. Love the whole bubble word/meaning. It could catch on.


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