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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday times

From the blog Pink Blossom List
If you have ever raised children, you have been bitten.  If you are a good parent, you have resisted the animal instinct to toss the little bundle of teething joy against the nearest wall.   Perhaps it's time we begin to at least try to view all life as equally vulnerable, equally ill-equipped to step outside overwhelming and immediate discomfort, and equally in need of our best efforts towards tolerance.  Yes, even when these monsters, large and small sink their sharp teeth into our soft places.
Throwing each other against the wall doesn't seem to be making matters any better...


  1. I agree...and tolerance seems to be so hard at times...we want others to think as we do...and sometimes it's hard to see other's perspective.. and things are really awful when other people don't want to see it from your point of view...
    ..so what do you do?....

  2. Maureen,
    Your comments are so thought provoking. I thank you for that.
    In fairness, I haven't been bitten terribly hard in many year, but I'm also very Buddhist in my leanings. What that does for my state of mind is that even if I am bitten, it only lasts a second and then I can choose to stay in that moment or I can deal with reality, meaning, that moment is gone, let it go vs. continually pulling it forward into the current moment.
    I also believe that human emotions are infectious, even the good ones so those are the ones I try to constantly toss out there.

  3. re-reading this, as a mother, on a holy day to many, and thus to us all, I think our obligation to learn this ourselves is for our children as much as it is for the anonymous "each other". We will teach what we believe. How can this not be the genesis of the world?

  4. We endure what we must to see the future learns from us. I love the way you framed your argument. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  5. Flowers bloom ,in what appears to be a smooth and easy way.But they too,have problems!

  6. Beautifully said. I can't tell you how much our chat meant to me. You are so wise. And as is that wasn't enough, I've given you an award ;) At my site...

  7. Well said.. You, my dear, is our resident saint ;)and that is why I have awarded you the stylish blogger award.

  8. My problem is biting back without thinking things through. Still working on that...

  9. Mary,
    well said. sounds like we view the world in a similar manner, which, of course, means you're a genius! ;)

  10. Dr. A,
    you have a point, in fact, when it comes to sweetness, some of the sweetest-ness comes from the most bitter.. just proving that everything is everything.

  11. J,
    The feeling could not be more mutual. Our evening was one of the few times I wished Flynn was a little late and thank you for the award!
    I've gotten an embarrassment of riches from you lately, woman.

  12. C,
    Ha! Wise? Not as much as just very very tired. You start thinking "There's got to be a better way" once you get over the tolerance for suffering, but you made me feel very good. Actually twice. Once with your generous words and the other with the blog award. Tomorrow I will do it justice.

  13. Elsie,
    Exhaustion helps as you can see from my reply to "C", but it never made me feel better to bite back. Selfishness is what finally did it for me.
    I bite you, I feel good, I'm going to keep biting you. But honestly, I didn't, so that was the "magic".


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