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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I can see!

Someone is determined that I recycle and has finally made it easier for me,as 
and by easier I mean, "has cured my blindness."
   A few months ago I wrote about my brilliant plan to minimize how often I had to do this worthwhile but annoying act.  I'm sorry to all you people out there who eco-warm fuzzy from sorting your trash, but I grew up on a farm where we recycled out of necessity and it's not glamorous.  If you live far enough out in the country, you burn your trash and it doesn't take a chemistry major to figure out that there are things that won't burn, and that paint, plastics and batteries aren't things you want leaching it to your well, twenty feet away from your burn barrel.
So yes, we recycled.    I hate it.  I do it.  I have an old reusable grocery bag that I use to toss recyclables into and every couple of days when we're out, I go by the sorting place and stand there playing this game:
Fun at two years old. Not fun after two years old.
The hitch in my plan regarding the water bottles is that the cartridges have to be recycled, and they build up over time.  I have had a drawer full of and they're steel. Steel does not do a lot of good for a drawer.  There's only so much steel your average kitchen drawer is made to hold, but there's no steel cut out at my recycle center.   I've been looking for a convenient place that wasn't in a part of town that made me feel like I needed an escort or a side arm, then I took the non-recyclables to the dumpster and saw something that just made my whole day.    It had been there the whole time, but I  never even looked at it.   I'm telling you people, we have everything.  We just have to open our damn eyes.


  1. Eyes wide open!
    I carry my own bags for grocery shopping too~ pet my back(ehem)


  2. I would! I just would! I'm at war with myself over some of the extremes people go to in order to make their lives kinder to the planet, but the way I feel is that if you can, you should. Besides, now they've got such fun graphics on reusable bags it almost makes it pleasurable.


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