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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tea and syncope

Tuesday has tiptoed into the room like a dog stalking socks so any tea party happening today will be more Hatter than high. 
Cheese-and-crackers, the days are flying...
(and may I just say thank you for the laughs provided by Google, "The Tea Party" and the results of an image search for "crazy tea party"  uh.. yeah... a little hostile out there folks. )
So. Yes. Tea.  Hmm.. somethings from here,  served on something like this, with lots and lots of these all over the place.
Then again, given the hectic schedule we've all got, maybe we should just call these people and ask if they'll come out west for the day. Yes.  I think that's the best course of action.
Definitely. Let's call someone.
Until we hear from those people we're going to call, you may be happy to know, neither you, nor Christi will ever have to have tea with a woman who shakes her matcha in a recycled lemon curd jar, though to tell you the truth, all that whipping was enough to make me light headed.



  1. What a lovely cup Tracy!
    I would luv to have blooming peonies in front of me right at this very present moment!


  2. i'm in for calling in some food troops! thanks for joining in with a cup today!

  3. That is quite a beautiful jar/tea-cup. Whatever it is.

    And now I have to google what you mention.... Always up for a good laugh.

  4. Lenore, I'm so glad you like the cup. It's a set that belonged to my grandmother until I, shall we say, "appropriated" it? As to peonies, oh my, they are my absolute favorite and each year I can hardly wait when they're in season.

  5. Christi, you're a woman after my own heart. I will cook, but not when I find people who do it well and are willing to do the dishes too!

  6. Jana,
    After I did that search I almost got sidetracked into a pundit-esque rant, but I pulled up the nose just in time because let's face it, funny is exponentially better... ;)


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