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Monday, January 31, 2011

Not for want of inspiration...

It occurred to me this morning, the morning i do not want to be a Monday morning but is, that I have been surrounded by the inspiration to dance with the Maximal. aka the Universe. Here are a few things that have done more than their share to pull me onto the floor.

  1. The planks of eucalyptus bark that my dog delights in destroying.  It makes a mess, but the smell is divine. The dog is pure comedy.
  2. A new tea, though I was forced, FORCED I tell you! to try it because my other coconut favorite was all GONE.  okay.  i'm through ranting, but i'm still bitter. and yes, i realize i benefited.  bitter. still.
  3. My new way of eating, which I'm not talking about any more until I have a picture to go with the feeling but my French friend approves, if by "approves" I meant, "doesn't care as long as I'm enjoying life."
  4. This visionary creature,  this quiet boy , this curious boy, this adventurous girl as well as this one, and all my here close people who teach me daily.
  5. Chopin who I hear here daily and Vusi Mahlasela who I was fortunate enough to hear sing a song he'd previously sung at a precursor event to the meeting of the G8, called Live8 and on Mandela Day.  I didn't know all this Saturday night but when he said, "The world owes Africa." (Eqypt), Ayn Rand spewed her vodka cran across the white carpet of my brain and she kept spewing until I started listening. With the music, Mahlasela said, of Africa, "Let them give something to the world and not just take from it."    If you care at all about jazz, the blues, rock, hip hop, dance, r&b, salsa, rumba, tango, fado (what am I forgetting)...then you know Africa(Eqypt) already has.
The five items are in celebration of a blogging milestone.  The song is for all these people who don't believe in fear either.

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