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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dang, but it's good.

I'm exhausted. It's always like that after a long break. You forget what it's like to work from the moment your feet hit the ground until after the sun has been to bed for hours.   It's a good feeling.  It's one that I crave as much as I crave beauty, in fact, it's probably in my RNA.  I remember something my grandmother said after watching my mother plant scores of pecan trees from up the pasture.  Have I mentioned I spent a lot of my youth living on a farm in deep East Texas? Anyway, my grandmother said,
"Nothing makes me happier than seeing my children being productive."
My grandmother and grandfather worked like dogs for the fun of it, to make things, things they wanted to give to their kids. I'd like to ask them how they think they did in that.  My mother works the same way, for the joy of leaving something.  Type A?  Restless? Driven? I have no clue.
What I do know is this:   create a day where you did, made, created, produced, left something more than co2 in the world, then you had a good day.
a very very small snifter of single malt scotch from the Isle of Skye and Bill Evans.. today i won. go me go.

now i go make gumbo...


  1. That is my exact definition of a good day. I like the picture of your single malt scotch, but I prefer my red wine. To each her own, right?

  2. Absolutely, and I'm more of a wine person myself, but that scotch was a gift and it smelled so good, I didn't even need to drink it. Of course, I did ;)


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