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Sunday, January 2, 2011

1-10 things my husband taught me about the universe

That's nine.
Number ten is this:
One set of California King sized sheets, six pillow cases and a week's worth of laundry for two people can be crammed into three washing machines, unsorted and come out their original colors and clean.
Thank you.  No buts.


  1. you're welcome. love the skates

  2. I love the ones about fun and exercise. Here's one I taught my husband who, every time we have a party to go to, asks me what time we will leave (before we've even left to go to the party): You can't set a time limit on fun. : O )

  3. hahahaha! I'm more like your husband in that respect. It's easier for me to have fun with a book than it is with a crowd, but my husband gently pulls me into the fray.


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