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Monday, January 24, 2011

Chaos theory

In part, the phrase, "...the truth shall set you free." is carved in stone on a building at the University of Texas in Austin and is a story my Dad and I share.  Ask him about it if you ever see him. Not that I feel particularly entangled at this very moment, but I read things, one of which is "blogging with integrity", as if  integrity in general didn't cover it all. 
* "For shame. Forsooth" said with the judgmental facial expression 
for which I will later pay because judgement isn't in my job description. 
Speaking of truth and not covering it all,  the photo of my desk that was posted the other day, and man what a good ( read:short lived) day, wasn't very realistic.  It is Monday morning and I'm back to the delightful chaos of "follow". This bothers me exactly zero, because I think creativity is found much closer to chaos than it is to order.  Not a lot of "purdy" in, let's say, Nazi Germany.
There ain't nothin' sadder than Sunday Monday mornin' comin' down..although this was taken on a Sunday evening.
and if nothing else happens, i am going to straighten those two paintings.  sheesh

On a side note, a lovely beauty came to this place the other day and inspired this post. 
She left a little gift in the form of these words
“Behind the story I tell is the one I don’t… Behind the story you hear is the one I wish I could make you hear.”—Dorothy Allison
I'm waiting for her to come back and unfold the rest of the story, but it seems to fit since
I can hardly wait to see what stories will unfold this week.


  1. Love that quote,Tracy!
    Life remains a mystery~

  2. looks non-chaotic to me-- you should see mine!

  3. Lenore,
    doesn't it though, but I still want to know what it meant for the quoter. Insatiable curiosity? Deep love of the unknowable? either way works well ;)

  4. Lesa,
    Ha! Well, if it gets too much worse than that, things get knocked off onto the floor and a great game begins, provided you're a Labrador retriever. If you're a person, chasing the Labrador to get the post-its out of her mouth becomes an annoying interruption and not a game at all.


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