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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's only pseudo code but I like it.

I should. I wrote it.

while ( calm=0)
{if (restless=1)
until (hearing(next_step)=1||restless=0);
med­i­tate (next_step);

"It" was a comment left by me in response to a post written by Damita who finds herself stressed and it was created in that form because the author, like me, is a girl geek, or as we
( yes, I'm appointing myself spokeswoman for all 
leftbrain/digital careered women and will soon 
have an official coffee mug made that says so. ) 
like to call ourselves, geek goddesses.   She understand that stuff up there with all those squiggles.  It's the scratch pad language of computer programming called pseudo code. It won't run, but it will get you to something that will. 
(and in case you're currently a programmer, 
I myself am not 
and haven't been for close to a decade so 
cut me some slack.)

You may have notice a little bit of it in the profile section of this blog.
while { (Breathing = true) Seek (constant Joy); Do { It; } }.

It's the pseudo code for the "be happy" program.

The point of all that code at the top and the stuff right above this is, if you're not calm/engaged in what you intend to do, there's a reason. Figure out what is at the very bottom of the "not calm"/not joy and fix that one thing.  It always is one thing.  Granted, there's usually a next step after the one thing, but you can handle one thing and that's all you have to handle.

The other day I could. not. get. my. head. on board and was struggling like a ..well something that leaps to mind but I won't type.   I remembered my own pseudo code/advise, listened to it and found the solution was pretty simple.

specifically speaking, the next_step was "go take a shower."

You'd think I could come up with this on my own at this point, but no, I need a computer program to tell me.  I was, however, able to take it from there and get it all done.  Next Step is my new friend.


  1. I gave you an award, check out my blog

  2. C,
    Thank you very much. This is a first for cookedheads!
    I'll go and see and do asap!


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