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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Netses? We doan nee no steenkeen netses.

I know why high wire artists and aerialists do what they do.
There is an indescribable thrill in being suspended between nothing (in my case the nothing is not writing or "no book") and nothing (writing a book so well and with such ease it's as if it were nothing.). 
You teeter on the brink of utter failure and humilation ( put your book out there before its time. have your pants rip while you're on the highwire, fall to your death because you've said you don't need no stinking net... yah know, bad embarrassing stuff)
When I write well, or maybe the more accurate way to that is: when I have joy as I write,  I am suspended there between my own ego that insists I write a "good" book, resulting in "no book" and creation, which results only in joy. Anything, everything else becomes unimportant. It requires effort but as I do it, I realize the lesson for me is to do it.  To stay balanced between nothing and nothing is the exercise. To live in that place, a place we did not make but is available to us at any moment, is worth any amount of practice.

It's maddening how illusive this point of balance can be sometimes.   I've come up with exercises to learn this craft and I'll be using them on the new website, which will go live the first part of February, but from time to time, it's a real unfun struggle vs. you know, the fun kind of struggle. (?)
like when the flow stops and doesn't want to restart.
I have a tool on my igoogle page that offers writing ideas for blocked writers. It's a magic eight ball for writing.  Not serious, but sometimes you already know where you need to go and need a shove in one direction or the other.  that's what this little goofy app does for me
  This is what I saw this morning when I logged in:
This can't be a good sign...


  1. Oh, I need me that app. I will get it soon. Thanks for showing it to me. You are so wise in so many ways, for one so young! xoxo

  2. I love it this app myself, obviously. If nothing else, it often makes me laugh and stop taking myself and what I'm doing so seriously. That, my darling cousin is 99.999999% of the battle.
    As to my wisdom, I have to give credit to the voices in my head and all the amazing women I know ;)


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