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Friday, January 28, 2011

Uncertainty Principle

"New stuff" is happening.   It's good new stuff, but it's still new stuff and change is not my favorite as I tend to get attached to the present, particularly when I think it's already full of good stuff.
I'm beginning to think life is best described as a detachment mechanism that may or may not amble in the direction we choose but even when or if it does there's a lot of tangential curly-q'ing involved.  We are undeniably afloat in a sea of constant shift, movement and change, since the universe and everything in it is a seemingly endless array of tiny bits and pieces that eschew constancy in favor of change.

Any given particle: "Are we there yet?"
Heisenberg: "Probably"
It's beautiful if we let it be (as if we have a choice) which is great in the philosophical sense, of "stop weaving and watch how the pattern improves" but it doesn't settle with the little voice that wants me to "accomplish" something.

One of the next_steps that came out of my little life maker machine after 
"go take a shower"
was a question.
"What do you intend to do with all this?"  

My answer? 
"No clue."
 I should probably fix that, huh?

intent:  "purpose," early 13c., from O.Fr. entente, from L.L. intentus "attention," from L. intentus (fem. intentia), pp. of intendere "stretch out, lean toward, strain," lit. "stretched out" (see intend). Intentionally "on purpose" is from 1660s.

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