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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Warning: Meaningless stream of consciousness post

Is there therapy for bloggers, 
because I have some hangups that need to unhang.

  1. I have an irrational aversion to the methods most often used to boost readership.  
  2. I tend toward unhealthy obsession with regard to blog traffic statistics and have thus decided to stop looking at them, except for that last ti...last thr.. okay well, I'm cutting way back.
  3. I do not believe in burnout. Repeated and predictable episodes of burn-out have not changed my mind in this regard. 
  4. I love to write, but I just really want the beach house with a lot of frontage space for the infinity pool and I'm not interested in a sugar daddy.
  5. Lists are my woobie.

Peace out to my hangedup homies..


  1. We are so opposite-- I have no shame about increasing readership and months go by between my visits to google analytics-- and I sure wouldn't mind a sugar daddy! hahahhaa

    Never heard of woobie--- do I want a woobie?

  2. I know! crazy! Can i stand next to you? Is sanity catching? whatever this is, its the same reason i could never do the "sadie hawkin's" thing either.


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