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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tea with Christi

This most lovely and sweet blogger has recently begun a meme that is an exercise in connection, one of the six goals I have set for myself in 2011 and we are not using the R word, tyvm. ggggah.

The past couple of Tuesdays, she's held a blogging tea party. 
game! Yes. Still...  
The great thing about an online tea party is that everyone who participates has a notion of what a really good tea party would look like.  
Something along the lines of the photo below would work for me, preferably in my dining room, in my beach front house with dark hardwood floors and a salt water infinity pool and it would have to be an after work tea party so we'd probably be drinking hot tea punch, but you get the idea.
Little Black Guidebook
Tea with Christi always starts with an exchange of family gossip. She gives us sweet bit about the nephew-baby and baptisms, about being in love with her guy, the good one we all like.  We tell her about our people, which, in my case means I tell you all that I ask my husband to help the oldest daughter download Happy Birds. I would tell you all how we finally agreed to call them Emotional Birds because did it really make a difference if the birds were Happy or Angry? Then I tell you all how much my personal pedant makes me laugh even when I want to throw shoes at him.  Come to think of it, it's why I want to throw shoes at him.  Do you know how hard it is to stay angry at someone who makes you laugh?
We would all laugh at that.  ( I'm scripting this.  Trust me, you laugh )

 We talk about the books we're reading, unless, like me, you're trying to write one so other people's get on your nerves.  If you're me, you nod/smile, weep/gnash teeth.  The rest of you are reading fascinating books that I'm not, but may be tempted to talk about later as though I had.   Man I hope not. I hate when that happens.
Christ asks about you all, and me of course, and I resist the urge to say,   "It's on my blog."  as I hand out my new cookedheads calling cards.  I instead, I try to think of something interesting to tell you and wonder if it's too soon to reuse  the Emotional Bird joke.
I would try to get you all to take home some frozen gumbo because four and half gallons of gumbo goes further than I thought and I'm trying to off load the stuff. I would tell you that Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena stovetop cleaner does a good job getting tea stains out of china and not to bother putting rose syrup in Chamomile tea because you can't taste it so you should probably make a cup of matcha instead.  Then I'd tell you about the clerk at Sur La Table that brought me a bamboo wok scrubber when I asked if they had any bamboo whisks.  (laugh. it's in the script)

It gets pretty wild, in a repeatable way.  To much wild and well, no one wants to come for tea again, except law enforcement.
As we leave, Christi hugs us all and hands each of us a life goodie on the way out the door. 
The rest of you rush out to buy lemon verbena countertop cleaner for yourselves and a bamboo whisk for me because you're embarrassed that you know a woman who aerates her matcha in a used lemon curd jar..

Happy Tuesday...


  1. I love this cup of tea! Thank you for inviting me. I still don't know about this angry birds thing ... is it a game on the iphone? I'm so out of touch with the iphone world! HA! Have you ever put rose water in lemonade? OMG it is AMAZING. Serve it at your next party - spike it with some vodka if you're feeling naughty. I agree on Mrs. Meyers stuff -- never tried it on china and that is a great idea. I'll see you next week at the beach, kay? Oh and I need more gumbo. I ran out. xoxo

  2. btw ... i think i missed that you are writing a book. HOW EXCITING! and i wouldn't bore you with what books i'm reading cause well i'm in a reading slump!

  3. Christi,
    It is a game. I don't play them either, but evidently it's all the rage, no pun intended. I have no clue what it's about though. And I will definitely do that with the rose water. I have a bottle I bought to make marzipan and it's just sitting there begging to be used.
    As for the book, trying to write is more accurate than any actual writing but it's the most interesting experience. I'm learning so much about ...well, pretty much everything. Trust, letting go, creation, giving, having.. As for reading slumps, I get those even when I'm not intentionally being a literary hermit. Sometimes you just can't a) find the time or b) make your brain settle to the pace of a book after all that life running you do.
    Thanks for letting me play blog with you ;)


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