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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shallow post alert: No wootwoot wear, please.

     Eyes watering from sunscreen made to defy age (and cancer, yeah yeah, whatever) , frustrated with my latest and last copy of Vogue, I almost stooped to quotes, not that there's shame in such stooping, because I frequently stoop, but to quote, Oscar Wilde, "be yourself, everyone else is already taken."   To my regret, being myself requires that I be 47, unless someones's fixed that and if you have, hook a sister up.
     This as yet unchanged state has resulted in my frustration with Vogue specifically and fashion in general. No where in my last copy of Vogue is there anything wearable for a woman my age, with my banker, and my battle scars. That's why this is my last copy.  I have others, April, May for example but they're still in the plastic so I don't count them.
    Shopping should be more fun now that I have more money than I did when I was 17, but either the market is geared towards the two extremes of  too low cut, too short on one end, and matronly on the other or navigating one's 47 year old way through the mall it is a secret, possibly dark, art I've yet to learn.  
    Maybe Businessville is starting a magazine/repository of information particularly for a woman in and around her jubilee year who isn't willing to go out in a mumu, and is equally unwilling to show her wootwoot in a skirt too short to facilitate the elegant exiting of vehicles.  How does one go about doing that sort of thing? The magazine thing, not the exit sans wootwoot waggle. 
Somethings I do not want to have to know.
not quite wootwoot wear, but still...  at 47? Can't see it happening.
Clothing by Betsey Johnson.  They go with her glitter bomb boots


  1. I will be your personal shopper. If you want. :)

    And Betsey Johnson was too young for me even when I was 17. It actually doesn't look like she has changed her aesthetic all that much since then.

  2. This is something I never ever worry about. I wear clothes because I have to lol...I hate shopping and buy whatever I see first!

  3. I don't get who Betsey Johnson's target audience is, aside from her and Courtney Love, of course. The truth is that I stopped my Lucky subscription not too long ago for the exact same reason - nothing they featured was actually wearable.

    Now that I actually have money to spend on clothes I stick to the same stores - BCBG and Bloomingdale's. No matter what your age I don't think you can go wrong with either!

  4. Heather.
    Hired. Done. When the dust settles, I'll meet you in front of Printemps.

  5. C,
    I don't either, or didn't, but with my children living new lives of their own *fingers crossed, I'm looking at my own with a new view and I'm thinking this time I'll play dress up a little/lot.

  6. Ameena,
    Courtney Love.. rolling here. Hilarious. YES! it's like a being in the closet of a well heeled crack addict?! what is that?
    I find the same thing about B'dales, and will definitely start looking at BCBG. The goal is to look as though one hasn't just awaken from a cryogenic sleep of twenty years, with sharing one's daughter's clothes.
    Though If I were you, I might make an exception with Maya's shoes. Granted, you'd have to have all your toes removed, but beauty is pain?

  7. I love your sense of humor, Tracy! I laugh out loud at almost every post you write because of your witty turns of phrase. I love your blog, period. From what I can tell, you and I have more in common than we don't, but sometimes there are things you blog about that just don't apply to me - finding the right spirit of clothes for a woman your age, for example. But your magic is that I just don't care. Your open musings on Life and sense of humor make your days interesting to me. I'm so glad I've come to know you!

  8. Oooh, by the way, I'm officially a "Pinhead!" (Been invited to Pinterest.) ;)

  9. Jeff,
    Hahhaa.. pinhead. oy.. And sweetest most darling boy, the feeling is mutual, as I have said, I think you are a teacher, to me, to you, to anyone with little clay in their eyes. x0t

  10. Printemps for shoes and makeup. Galeries Lafayette and Zara for basics. Break for lunch (you are buying). Le Mouton aux cinq pattes for designer markdowns the Le Bon Marché to dream and maybe one well-chosen splurge. One day. New wardrobe. No problem.

  11. It's a date, with one caveat. After all that, one of these outfits worn for dinner, my treat and in the days leading up to this save room in your liver for wine.

  12. Great photo! Is that you reflected? This would be a perfect addition to the reflection photo meme-- http://newtowndailyphoto.blogspot.com/

    Vogue always bored me and I didn't know Betsy Johnson was still around. the dresses don't make me think too young as much as the fabric reminds me of a shower curtain!

    btw, I sent an email to your cookedheads gmail since I don't have access to FB till I get home.


  13. ya know, I finally quit shopping at the stores my college age daughter shops at..and I too, feel a little lost as to what to where...
    Talbots or similar...simple classic and respectable..(and perhaps a little boring..but that too, fits my personality...) :)

  14. Lesa,
    It is! And you are the first person to go on record as noticing it. It will make an appearance in the post I do tomorrow. You're very good at treasure hunts, woman. ;)

  15. Yay me! I love the composition of the photo and the reflection-- so clever of you and perfect for the theme of this post!

    Since becoming photography obsessed, I really notice all the details and artistry of photos. I've been trying out reflection shots to submit in the meme but haven't captured anything this amazing!!

    I'm a low end shopper (JCP, TJMax ect) except for Anne Taylor skirts (but I got all mine off ebay) so I know no designer type shops to steer you too BUT I did discover the coolness of Dressbarn last year-- not designer but might be worth checking out--- I couldn't believe how trendy but not too kiddie it was. Also, Coldwater Creek looks interesting but I've not shopped there.

  16. Maureen,
    I love Talbots and don't think classic is boring at all. I'd rather spend good money on pieces that will last years and then spend play money on accessories. Funky jewelry I can do, funky boots covered in glitter, I cannot.

  17. Lesa,
    I don't have the patience any more for Marshalls et al. When I go into a store, I don't want it to be a treasure hunt, I want it to be a recon mission, in/out no one gets shot, every man out alive. Grouchy in my advanced age? probably. I can live with that.

  18. Ok, I am no longer seeing the alchemy post that I glimpsed at 5 when I couldn't sleep, not am I seeing my last response to this post nor am I seeing the looong and "so honest it hurt" response to "bother" that I am incapable of repeating. Is this blogger business or have I been banned from the Land of Good?

  19. Heather,
    you amaze me in a very great many good ways. all blogger, all the time. it died, crashed, went to digital hell for a couple days, according to them, they will replace the last post at some point, but we'll see.
    as to the other, without you, there is no land of good. ;)

  20. And our chat from yesterday disappeared too! what a drag! I don't remember all I said but it had to do with shower curtains, shopping and your amazing photography skills.

    Your reflection in the photo is the cat's meow-- and so clever!

  21. Lesa,
    I don't know if I'd go so far as to say it was the cat's meow, but did get a mention on the new blog so I must think it has some merit.


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