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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Broken hearts and Moving on

Allen Bentley did it first, and yes, that's his real name.  He dumped me for my best friend who he then married and my non-Buddha mind says, they may both bite me.   I'm only serious in small measure. I don't actually care any more because I would not be who I am if every single thing in my life to this point had happened, and that is the case for all of us.  We are the cumulative effect of our triumphs and our heart breaks, and still we're pretty awesome if we let ourselves see it.
Last week, blogger broke my heart.  It apologized and sent me flowers, has been calling for days but I'm standing firm.  
You guys though, are like bloggers family. I love bloggers family, but blogger and I have parted ways.  At some point blogger and I may sit down and have coffee, maybe even laugh about it all, but now, it's in the poo pile with Allen Bentley, and the Dodgers.     I'm okay. I'm healing. All the crying is over and done. I've even met what is rapidly becoming a sexy new object of my affections.  We've seen each other a few times, and I think there's potential for a deeper relationship.

The post blogger breakup: Cookedheads blog


  1. saying good bye can be hard...
    but saying hello to new things can be great...
    do let us know what's in store...

  2. You are killing me here!!! what what???

  3. Maureen,
    Indeed. I love that you see that, that you know that and that you were so willing to leap to a new place with me. xo Tracy

  4. C,
    Not gone, just moving. The new website is very easy to get to and if you need any help at all to make it easy to add to your reader, tell me! I'll help. Also, the button to the right at the top of the page is the link to the new blog. When blogger crashed, I made the call to make the leap.

  5. Okay...I was so confused until I read the comments and now I realize you've moved! The only problem is that I could not comment on your new site, not sure why?

    I don't blame you for breaking up with blogger, I had to do the same thing many moons ago. They have too many kinks that I can't wait for them to work out.

    Congrats on your new spot...I can't wait to read more! And comment!


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