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Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekend pretend

To go here:
Source: None via Ali on Pinterest

or here:

To wear these:

And this:

To eat like this:

To come back here:

with this:

and stay until monday morning...


  1. OK, what is this Pinterest thing? I'm going to have to check that out.

    LOVE everything on here. Especially the shoes.

  2. JJ,
    I just found it and it's either fairly new or the marketing people are geniuses, you have to be invited or get on a waiting list. Do you want me to invite you?

  3. And for that matter, does anyone else want to be invited?

  4. Um, me? I think? Wait, I'm not sure. Are people borrowing others images for free? If so, I decline! I know, that seems piggy but as a photographer's companion I have to just say no to free imagery. Our business has gone down 70% in the past three years (I'm not kidding) in large part to a lack of royalty fees.
    *getting off soapbox*

    That said, thanks for the dreaming, loved all of it right down to the Loubies.

  5. Heather, I see your perspective, but I submit another to you, one I'm currently wrestling with in almost violent earnestness as I passionately work at my own creative ventures, at great expense/exhaustion/frustration etc. etc., do I believe that excellence will rise to the top or not? Ironically, I did not include this link in a post I am working on about an ongoing project but I think it speaks to the perspective in question.
    I don't know the answer, but I will say this, it is why, when I saw how pure-soul Remi's photos were, I did not even ask if I could show them to other people. They are not mine to give and doing so, is giving something I don't have to give.
    Sometimes, "the middle way" is a pain in the butt. That's pretty much the best I've got.

  6. okay, after checking, I lied. In my over-exuberant too fast typing I did ask. *argh
    If you figure this out, help me do the same? :P

    I get it. The balance being a creative conduit and paying the electric bill.

  7. The "middle way" is ALWAYS the most work.

    Wait, did I miss something? When did you show Remi's photos? Did you put a link? The photos on my blog are miiiine. Well, that sounds Veruca Saltish but you know what I mean. It is Sunday night and I have been under the gunfire of ten people trying to make their points in French all weekend. I am SO tired. Speaking of, your link came up for me in a verrrry complicated French, too hard for me to understand (especially in this state).

    Yep, the balance is very real for us. Remi has been a professional photographer for over twenty years, his work has been published in the finest magazines in all major countries and yet...well, I wrote a sentence and then erased it for privacy measures but we have been so incredibly hard hit by the financial crisis. Does quality rise? Yes. Does that matter? In this instance, not necessarily. There are many examples of editors being given bonuses for coming under budget and so, well, they prefer to just make do with that free photo, thinking that it will be "good enough", let alone giving an assignment. Look a little at the photo credits and I think you will be surprised. There are very few magazines in the US that continue to produce "magazine" stories. I am not talking about niche fields like deco or fashion. And what a shame because there are still so many stories that need to be told. And amazing eyes to see them for us. Remi will love "pure soul" though--thank you.

    So, no pisteriwix for me!
    Bisous Trace, you are so fantastic. You make me want to be smarter.

  8. Heather,
    No. I didn't/wouldn't have posted, but I did suggest to you on your blog that you do.
    more to come, but you've blasted open an amazing path that must must be explored by us all who both want to eat and want to feed.

  9. Thanks for being open, Trace. Goo'night!

  10. Okay...I see I missed the boat, or train or plane. But next time, I'm so on board. I LOVE outdoor dining with candles.

  11. GG,
    Me too. I'm thinking a weekend pretend meme might be fun, but I find the Monday story is usually even better, if definitely different.


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