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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Alchemy-The Game

   The truth is, my life is rather good and I don't really feel any more as if there is anything lacking, even if at the end of it, I won't have made many remarkable moments.  That's fine.  A lot of the accomplishment has been internal, where it was most needed, and I have quite seriously, for months/years? thought my only need was to enjoy the end result, but now it's time to turn it all inside out, to share.  Like any other thing offered, there is a certain expectation that the offer might be declined.  That's more than fine, but in order to make a point, I've decided to seriously want something, or better said, to act with intention in the direction of a major shift of life circumstances.
  That is the game and my hope is other's will play along.  Regardless, I am going to play. It is a game of what if, but the way I look at it, and hope you will is, "Why not? The worst that can happen is a few things get more fun and I'm still where I am." The best is ".....", speechless dead air brought on by the shock of how well this worked.

The object of the game is to make a desired but seemingly impossible change and all you need to play it is one very annoying thing that keeps coming back into your life despite all your efforts to rid yourself of it.  That is your game token, the juice you'll need to play.

If this all sounds rather new age, weird, flaky "law of attraction"-esque, it might be, I suppose, but that's not the basis on which the game is founded.  I like all that stuff, but it seems too abstract for me versus, say, quantum mechanics, thus, the basis for this game is Einstein's general theory of relativity.

 Einstein showed us that, if we use things like time and space to define reality, we have to accept that reality is quite flexible.  Thiscoupled with my strong belief based on personal, empirical data, that the Universe is Benevolent, provide the basis for the game I would like to play with you all because it makes use of this fundamental law of physics in the macro as well as the more esoteric attributes of quantum mechanics.  If you have the time and the inclination to view reality with a new frame of reference, I suggest you read "The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics." by Gary Zukav", but it's not required to play.

If you would like to play, start looking around in your life over the next few days for the thing, the baaaaaad annoying, persistently and apparently pernicious thing in your life.  I'll tell you about my first game token tomorrow.


  1. Sounds intriguing! But the first annoying thing that popped in my mind is my hub!!! hahah Will the game fix him? Or just fix my perceptions? Either way life would be more pleasant...

  2. Lesa,
    Ha! Believe it or not, my second and current game token is very husband related. I'll get to it but it was formerly annoying to the point of door slamming frustration, to put is mildly. very very mildly.


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